At the time Payday investor was to be introduced, Nigeria’s economy was in a recession.

Around the same time, there was an explosion of illegal pyramid schemes such as MMM which many Nigerians dabbled in. Unfortunately, most of these schemes crashed, taking down people’s life savings. This made Nigerians were skeptical about anything that promised any sort of returns. We needed to give them a reason to believe.


For us, it was important to understand why they initially bought into pyramid schemes such as MMM, because we believed there were valuable insights to be gleaned from that incident.

We narrowed it down to three factors; heightened levels of economic desperation, outrageous quick returns and that underground feeling (unbranded). We deduced that while it was unpopular at the start, it had a hint of risk and once people took the initial first step, they got a sense of security (even if it was false) and plunged in.


We decided to show Nigerians that it is indeed possible to invest and reap high returns securely.

Payday was offering interest rates as high as 16%. While it wasn’t as high as MMM, it had something MMM didn’t have, security. We also wanted to show that to attain their aspirations, they need to invest the right way.


The campaign was implemented across various social media platforms such as Instagram and Youtube in video format. Web banners were also strategically placed on high traffic websites and blogs.


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