Crafting a unique financial services brand.
Introducing a new boutique investment bank to the African market.


Elixir, a new boutique agency set up by veterans in the investment banking industry, required a solid brand strategy incorporating a robust visual identity.

The brand wanted to differentiate itself from the crowd preferring to be viewed as a service for highly selective institutional and high net-worth clients.


Starting with the logo, we crafted an engaging visual identity that drew on the rich heritage of West African commerce along coastal cities. This gave a strong foundation for developing a system that clearly expressed Elixir’s core values.

The programme extended to cover:

Spatial branding
Print & digital corporate collateral
Advertising guide
Marketing assets
Reporting templates
Customer engagement tools


The client was pleased with the visual identity and its application on all key touchpoints.

Brand and communication collateral for the brand exuded class, clarity and synchronicity.


The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.


Peter Drucker