Reinvigorating an iconic beer brand.
Rethinking the Nigerian notion of masculinity.


Gulder, an iconic Nigerian beer brand with a solid heritage and a unique point of view, was now aging rapidly alongside its loyal consumers.

The brand needed to find new ways to reclaim the masculine conversation and engage with a younger generation of consumers without alienating current drinkers.

Our task was simple:
Get younger, regular beer drinkers to express preference for Gulder.


Challenge the thinking that Gulder had stopped being an exciting brand by crafting an authentic and compelling campaign that builds on its territorial maxim of masculinity.

Extensive ethnographic research and cultural immersion was rewarded with a clear insight into the changing values of Nigerian masculinity.

The campaign idea “Na Man You Be” represented the coalescing of our research. It is a colloquial moniker, a codified masculine salute, a nod from fellow men hinting that the recipient has just achieved a feat worthy of praise.


The campaign broke with Outdoor and Digital OOH expressions. Key Nigerian cities were targeted and a large percentage of boards in prime locations with high traffic and visibility carried the campaign collateral.

Tastefully executed with stunning photography, the digital expressions of the campaign provided a refreshing glimpse into the new Gulder narrative.

Engagement on social media platforms took an organic turn as consumers contributed imagery of billboard sightings and expressed their delight for the new campaign.


The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.


Peter Drucker