Lucozade Airtime Promo: Lucozade Nigeria wanted to drive short term sales in Q1 of 2018 by driving awareness and engagement of an on-pack promotion (on Boost PET and Sport PET) that lets you win airtime on your mobile, when you text a code found under the special yellow caps underliners.


Lucozade needed to engage Nigeria's daily strivers, men and women who are looking for the energy to get the most out of their everyday. These group often have their mobile phones with them throughout the day. Messaging and calling are how they operate and get things done.

For that reason, they wanted a campaign that would communicate to their TG that buying a bottle of Lucozade PET is a better deal because they also get the chance to instantly win their share of Boost N200 million instant airtime.


We live in a world where people increasingly desire to express themselves. People tweet their thoughts, instagram their lunch and facebook their locations. Ours is a generation that places a premium on brands that allow them to be and express themselves.

Based on this cultural reality, we came up with the campaign, “200 million reasons to do you” With the campaign, we positioned Lucozade as an enabler of individuality and self-expression. With free airtime, people could share their opinions, thoughts and ideas with the whole world. This idea also tied into Lucozade’s tagline, “the energy to do you”


People leaned in and actively participated in the promo. In 3 months, the promo had over 3.7 million entries from the general public. This was up from the 1.6 million entries received within the same period the previous year.


The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.


Peter Drucker