Ribena is one of Nigeria’s leading fruit juice brand, available in Blackcurrant and Strawberry variants. Ribena has the largest market share in the children’s drink segment with their tetrapack SKUs. We received a brief to refresh the design of the 125ml and 250ml tetrapack cartons. Ribena wanted the new design to stand out from the competition and be more visually appealing.


The old design wasn’t distinctive and the predominant brown color was responsible for this. Aside from being uninspiring, the design wasn’t on brand. How do we make the cartons look more appealing and interesting enough to drive more sales? How do we convince the brand owners to leave their comfort zone by switching to white cartons, which made for a more modern and cleaner branding?


We created a design that made use of solid background colours; purple for Blackcurrant and red for strawberry. This was done to make the pack eye-catching and less prone to stains. We introduced splashes to the design to give it that added pop and contrast. One side of the carton was dedicated to line drawing illustrations which kids could colour-in, like a colouring book. The idea was to make it more engaging for the kids, thus making the carton extra functional.


The carton design was met with the expected and much-desired shelf appeal and acceptance. We were able to engage with consumers by getting them to send us their coloured expressions of the colouring page. Sales also increased by 20% since the new pack was introduced to the market in the 3rd quarter of 2018.


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