Adjust Your Normal

April 26, 2017         BY Tosin Lanipekun

When seasons change, we adjust the cooling or heating devices around us.
We rebalance the local climate.
The air-conditioning comes on when it’s hot, the heating springs to life in cold weather.
We are masters at making sure the temperature around us is normal.
We’ll put on thick layers in winter and strip down to our smalls in summer.
We are always regulating the temperature.

It’s the same for your job, your business or your venture.
If all is going amazingly well and new business is rolling in, it is no reason to sit with arms folded.
Leverage the opportunity to build a reputation and spark customer intimacy.
Engender loyalty, deliver something outstanding, network for the long haul.

When you anticipate a seasonal slump, think of ways of adding value.
Raise the bar on the quality of your output. Reach out to your network.
The bottomline is for you to be remarkable.
Be remarkable in the eyes of your primary audience, both internal and external.

See what Seth Godin had to say about being remarkable here.

Don’t ever be passive in your job or in business.
Don’t stand shivering in the cold or languishing in the sweltering heat.
Regulate the temperature.
Adjust your normal.